Florida Contractors - Need to know more about us?

We are CitiesBuilder.com. Our journey in the construction industry began with family and a strong construction background. Throughout the years many of us worked as CAT Adjusters for the insurance industry. This makes us very knowledgeable when assessing your storm damages. Now, we are known as one of the most highly rated construction companies in the states of Florida, Texas, and Louisiana. Our combined experience of 34 years in construction and insurance alone makes us a force to be reckoned with, We are ranked in top 25% of contractors in the state. Cities Builder focuses on the happiness and satisfaction of every client. We do our best to meet with all your requirements and fulfill all of them with expertise.

Our great team of qualified professionals know very well how to accomplish every job with perfection. Here are the list of services we provide with our skilled professionals.

Services Cities Builder offers

  1. CitiesBuilder.com are insurance restoration experts
  2. We create unique designs as a custom builder
  3. General remodeling services
  4. Luxurious home remodeling and restoration services
  5. Commercial property in accordance with state laws
  6. We assist industrial construction projects
  7. We remodel spas, resorts, and hotels

Whatever service you are need of you can call Cities Builder and get solutions with our experts. We offer services at an affordable price range. This means you can save as much as possible with us. We understand the value your home has for you and what that means for your family. With us, you will not have to worry about anything.

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We are always open 24/7 to help you. Our professionals are always available to attend your calls and provide you with necessary advice.